Knight of The Black Rose

Alone in Dargaard Keep

I hear the banshees weep

Guarded by skeleton warriors 

Exiled and notorious 

Rotting flesh, an animated corpse

A traitor filled with remorse

Undead for all eternity

Takes away the last of my sanity

Death and decay, anger and hate

Too ashamed to live with myself

A fallen knight in the realm of terror

Betrayer, an oath breaker

Under my armour I have no rank

I’m just flesh waiting for death

I’m consumed by passion and hate

No one could save me from myself

I prayed to the gods but they’re never there

I betrayed my brethren it wasn’t fair

Filled hatred for all living creatures

Inhuman abomination

Powerful spells and incantations

A slave to my carnal pleasures

A weak mind, I was manipulated

Insecure easily persuaded

In the end I turn to dust

All that’s left is anger and lust

I wanted power it’s my obsession

Now I’m doomed punished forever