Old towers and skyscrapers

hell burst through the pavement 

A cityscape that blocked out the light

It’s inhabitants can’t sleep at night

criminals stalk these streets

You can never trust the police

Alienated from human kind

Death and torture, extortion and crime

For 40 thousand years a demon sleeps 

Under the land dormant beneath

Spreading darkness as the city evolves

His occult heritage a curse on us all

We walk the streets dark and foreboding

Crime and corruption behind every corner

So easy to descent into insanity and rage

When you live in a place filled with anger and hate

Cynical citizens

No faith in society

No justice or order 

Makes you go crazy

Innocents crushed like ants

A broken system

helpless, no chance

The biggest crime fighters

Descend into madness

There is no justice

We’re all helpless