Gormenghast 2

Old fools with prestigious titles

Forsaken bitter melancholiacs 

Isolated from the world 

Eccentric striving for status

Lonely elderly nobles

Can’t remember their own name

Narcissists narrow minded

In love with themselves

In their crumbling mansions

Vain and arrogant, hungry for power

forgotten by others

Resentful entitled 

Influence is their meaning of life

Misanthropic arrogance 

They live in the past pointless rituals

Forgotten complex

Exhausting and utterly meaningless

Tradition forgotten 

a purpose abandoned by everyone

You live in the past 

I’ll break free at last from your laws and traditions 

Elaborate ceremonies 

Loathing consumed by vengeance and hate

A world where everything stops

A stagnant existence you live in the past