Butcher of Blaviken

Us witchers hideous creatures 

Foul monsters contrary to nature

We’re offsprings of foul sorcery  

We perform the work of devilry

We’re rogues without virtue 

No conscience in our hearts

Killers for hire diabolic creations 

Foul practices and perverse

In your eyes I’m another monster

Sold my soul to get stronger

I’m a mutant an abomination

You believe I’m a freak of nature

We have no place between you humans

And must be wiped from the surface of the earth

All trace of us strewn with salt 

We’re butchers and nothing else

Everyday I am scorned by you

But I fight for what is true

In my job there is no dignity 

You avoid me until you need me

It’s a road that leads to nowhere

Bad decision in every turn

It’s a journey with no ending

And in the end it’s all the same