Arkham 1

This used to be a victorian mansion

Owned by an occult expert 

He’d lock away sick lonely people

And tried to cure them with exorcisms

He would pry on the metally sick

Superstitious townships 

He claimed they were lunatics

Tortured them to make them healed

He would pretend to be a man of science

He starved them confined to their cages

To obliterate their evil spirits

He locked them and kept them prisoners

Diagnosed with psychiatric disorders 

He regarded as demonic possessions

sealed them in the basement 

This was called the house of madness

Every night he would cast out devils 

For that he tormented his patients

Occult rites on the helpless

Obsessed with demons and nightmares

Spirits haunting tempting them to sin

At night you could hear them scream

This led him into madness

That’s the end of The House of Madness